Creepy Questions for Dead Rock West

Dead Rock West’s debut CD, Honey & Salt, was released in February on Populuxe Records. Fresh from a summer-long US tour with legendary LA Rock heart-throb John Doe, they talked to me about pig’s blood and their spiritual connection with a stuffed rooster.

This summer you did a 55-city tour with John Doe. On the road, was anything scarier than the food?

Yeah, the stuffed rooster our bass player Dave bought in Eugene early on in the tour. After the show we’d all cram into the van and Nick Luca who plays in John’s band would sit in the back and channel the bird while holding the legs.

I love stuffed chicken! I always imagined your song “Rocket from the Crypt” was about zombies having an identity crisis or maybe just a bad day. Want to set me straight on that?


Fine. Which ghosts of rockers who have passed on are your guiding spirits?

Jeff Buckley, Woody Guthrie, Howlin’ Wolf and Country Dick Montana.

Last Halloween you performed in costume as Night of the Living Dead Rock West. I personally love holiday-themed performances. Any chance you’ll be using fake blood onstage this Halloween?

Only real pig’s blood and chicken feet. Oh, and whipped cream with a dash of green food coloring.

What’s the scariest thing about LA?

The traffic, the smog.

Dead Rock West performs at the Echo on October 14.

Dead Rock West is Cindy Wasserman, vocals; Frank Lee Drennen, vocals, guitar; David J. Carpenter, bass; Bryan Head, drums; Phil Parlapiano, stringed instruments and keyboard.

Photograph by Masen Larsen