Spooky Radio on Pandora.com

Spooky Halloween is one of the many Halloween-themed stations on Pandora.com, the internet radio you program yourself.

Alyssa (Pandora screen name “alyssaw”) is the Pandora member who programmed the station.

“I was listening to the Gothic Archies one day and was thinking what a great, creepy, atmospheric sound they have without being spine-chilling or heavy screaming horror music. And I thought about how much I enjoy hearing that kind of music sometimes, the kind that creeps under your skin and makes you peer nervously over your shoulder but doesn’t make you run screaming from the room. I thought of ‘Shankhill Butchers’ by the Decemberists and a lot of stuff by Tom Waits. So I decided to try to capture that feeling in a radio station.”

After you register with Pandora (it’s free) you can explore other Halloween-themed stations that are up and running. To access them, click on “Create a New Station” and type “Halloween” into the search box, then click on “yes” to answer the question about seeing stations in the Halloween genre. Or you can just create your own station.

And remember to contact your reps in Congress and ask them to co-sponsor the Internet Radio Equality Act so stations like Pandora will not disappear.

Thumbnail from buckleshop.com