Video: What not to do with a Ouija board

I have a minor obsession with Ouija boards. As a kid, I’d play with them by myself. I even literally threw one into a burning wood stove in the hopes something would happen. My first girlfriend and I would sneak into local graveyards and consult with the Ouija (and then make out).

Nowadays, I have a rule: if I ever see a used Ouija board for sale at a thrift store or garage sale, I have to buy it… or should I say adopt it?

And all this in spite of never having had any luck getting the board to “talk” or cause any other freakishness.

A couple years ago I made the following short film, “Choke”, about what not to do with a Ouija board.

Whether or not you take a peek, please let me know if you’ve had any success, or freakishness, as a result of using a talking board.