“You control the nightmare.”

New technology lets you choose how a new horror movie plays out. Plus a contest to win the DVD…

Movie companies releasing direct-to-DVD films, at least insofar as horror titles are concerned, have come up with something that, they hope, will remove the stigma the category carries with today’s release of Return to House on Haunted Hill, but only on the HD version.

Never-before-seen Navigational Cinema technology will enable viewers to chart their own course through the blood-spattered movie, choosing between 96 different storylines and 4 different endings.

More about the movie and how to win the HD-DVD after the jump…

Return to House on Haunted Hill is the sequel (or as the press release says, “ a sequel,” implying there will be as many sequels as can be financially justified) to the 1999 theatrical release, House on Haunted Hill, which was a remake of the 1958 horror classic directed by William Castle and starring Vincent Price, still a very creepy (and campy) movie in its own right.

Fans of the genre, you know who you are and you don’t need me telling you about the plot, or in this case, plots, which I’ve conveniently summarized with this list:

1. creepy, old mansion
2. deranged, homicidal, zombie millionaire
3. ancient statue of Satanic cult
4. greedy relic hunters
5. innocent hottie hostages
6. really pissed-off, malevolent ghosts
7. over-the-top, super-bloody, gruesome murders
8. ominous implications that there’s more terror to come, no matter which ending you choose

Contest: Creepy LA is giving away a copy of the full-on HD version with all of the bells, whistles, plots and endings, courtesy of Warner Premiere, the direct-to-DVD arm of Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Just tell us how many times 8 goes into 96 in an email to creepy@gmail.com and we’ll put all of the right answers into a real skull and draw the winner.

Deadline for entry is next Monday, October 22nd at noon.