Creepy Questions for Eric Garcetti

“You can’t look to the stars until you’ve fixed the cracks in the sidewalk.”

A fourth-generation Angeleno, City Council President Eric Garcetti was born at Good Samaritan Hospital and grew up in Los Angeles. Elected to the LA City Council in 2001 as one of its youngest council members, he was unanimously elected Council President in 2005. An avid photographer, jazz pianist and composer, he lives in Echo Park with his partner of twelve years, Amy Elaine Wakeland.

What did you dress up as for Halloween when you were a kid?

My mom and I made all of my Halloween costumes together. I still have most of them. I think that one of my favorites was a Superman cape that we made out of felt. Back then, I had no idea that one day my office would be in the same building as Clark Kent’s.

What do you love about Halloween in Los Angeles?

I like seeing families out trick-or-treating in neighborhoods. It’s especially great to see parents bringing their kids out in communities where five or ten years ago they might have thought them too unsafe for trick-or-treating. We need to make sure that every neighborhood is safe for our kids.

My Council District is also home to a large number of artists, and consequently some of the best and spookiest Halloween displays anywhere.

Any hints on what your costume will be this year?

I don’t have a costume yet, but I’m planning to shop for one at Adele’s of Hollywood on Hollywood Boulevard.

What’s your favorite scary movie?

I liked The Sixth Sense. Waterworld was also pretty scary, but in a different kind of way.