Duct and Cover

With so many crafts professionals and actors in Los Angeles, the pressure can be high on Halloween for coming up with a great costume that shines at parties as well as on the street. Need some fresh inspiration? The Original Duct Tape Halloween Book might be your solution. Jim and Tim, the Duct Tape Guys, have filled their book with ideas for costumes as well as for creating creepy special effects and decorations for your Halloween party.

I managed to get them to put down their rolls of tape for a moment and answer a few Halloween questions.

Out of the multitude of Halloween costumes you’ve come up with, do you have any personal favorites?

Jim likes wrapping himself entirely in duct tape, stick-side out, and rolling around on a freshly mowed lawn. Presto, he’s a Chia Pet!

I prefer the idea of dressing entirely in pink, duct taping a shoe to my head and going as used bubble gum.

From Halloween to high fashion is just one small step. Ever thought of going in that direction?

We already have both covered on our web site. We have over 101 clever costumes for Halloween which are made either all or in part with duct tape; plus over 400 prom gowns and tuxes made using duct tape.

It seems a horror movie isn’t worth its salt if it doesn’t involve duct taping a victim into submission. Do you feel like you’ve left a lasting mark on the culture?

We haven’t left the mark, duct tape has. We’re merely duct tape evangelists spreading the gospel of duct tape. Check out our “Duct Tape at the Movies” list. We’ve got over 100 documented uses of duct tape in the movies.

Are you guys on Martha Stewart’s radar? I’m sure you could come up with some pretty bizarre collaborations with her for Halloween, or even year round.

Every time we talk about any of our duct tape craft and costume ideas, someone invariably mentions that she would love us. We’d love to do Martha’s show. Heck, duct tape is like Martha Stewart on a roll.