Play Dodgeball with a pumpkin

dodgeball.jpgA Halloween dodgeball event sounded like a stretch to me too, until I remembered ‘ol Ichabod Crane’s fate. If only he’d spent some of those school house hours playing dodgeball with the kids, he may have been able to dodge the flaming pumpkin the Headless Horseman killed him with (at least thats the story I hear).

Here some details from the press release:

The Nightmare at Bellevue Dodgeball Tourney!
Apparently this rec center was built on the Los Angelinos Chicano Cemetary.
This is 6 on 6 Halloween event centered on dodgeball where people get to experience the bloodsucking rage of taking someones head off…. with a rubber ball! It concludes with a Ghostbusters meets Critters-esque party!
Live soundtrack by The Black Comets.

Sunday, October 28th, 1pm, Bellevue Rec Center, 826 Lucile Ave.

I also heard Count Smokula might be showing up. And while mentioning Creepy LA may earn you a whooping, if you go with a team and mention Thrillist upon sign up, you’ll get a free pitcher of beer.