Creepy decor: Coffin Couch

We all know the lag time between ordering and actual delivery of fine furniture. It can take months! So in that respect, Halloween in Los Angeles is right around the corner, and now is the time to order one of these to-die-for Coffin Couches from, where else?,

And since these macabre divans are from a Los Angeles company, two of the five models have appropriately themed designs; The Dodger Blue (above) and The Low Rider (my favorite.) To top it off, they even see their enterprise as being environmentally sensitive.

We at have the mindset of thinking “Green”… It is a health and safety law that funeral homes cannot resell used coffins to the general public. We approached funeral directors with the attitude of recycling. These coffins are not used for burial due to slight cosmetic inconsistencies…

Now just envision Elvira or Black Betty lounging on one of these… Side view after the jump.