Oh, the Bunny Horror!

The STARZ movie channel has posted their Halloween schedule. That’s not particularly interesting or exciting – nor is the schedule itself – but a hop over to the site will also lead you to the Starz Bunnies, a collection of 30-second movie parodies starring, you guessed it, Bunnies.

The silly shorts cover all genres, but I recommend checking out the HORROR Bunnies. Each short attempts to synopsize the entire plot of the movie it’s lampooning, so what’s really funny is how easily a piece of crap like 30 DAYS OF NIGHT can be summed up in 30 seconds.

Despite the amount of bunny gore, I think they’re probably all work safe.

As a side note: I’ve always found STARZ to be a funny name for a movie channel. That’s cause I swear “Starz” was the name of a Special Ed program they had at one of my schools when I was a kid. To me the name implies that the movies being shown are “challenged” in some way. Though looking at their Halloween schedule doesn’t really help that implication. [Ba-dum-ching!]

I’ve never heard anyone else comment on this, so maybe I’m just crazy.