Burbank Art Exhibit is an Eye Opener

With Bold and Dark Imagery, Erin Martinez Delivers a Prelude to the Halloween Season.

"I Will Always Suffer" Mixed Media on Canvas by Erin Martinez  (element)

"I Will Always Suffer" Mixed Media on Canvas by Erin Martinez (element)

The Hyaena Gallery of Burbank hosted the opening of artist Erin Martinez’s latest show Awakening, an expose of the artist’s newest creative work.  Erin works in several types of media, however, her main form is water based acrylics on canvas.

Her soft toned backgrounds lurk behind moody and organic imagery torn from the artist’s own life experiences, creating a truly Gothic feel worthy of any classic Vincent Price film.

Far from being depressing, her work instead suggests a “bring it on” type of enduring strength.

CreepyLA had a chance to speak on a personal level with Erin about her art.

CreepyLA: I’ve been checkin out your stuff, and you have some really stark imagery. Do you draw any kind of inspiration from anything particular for that?

Erin: I’ve had some life changing experiences this year. I fell in love with my best friend and that was the most awesome experience ever. Everything just kinda worked out. The paintings are based on real life experiences that I have had. Things that I went through and that I have accomplished.

Bill Shafer and Erin Martinez pose for CreepyLA

Bill Shafer and Erin Martinez pose for CreepyLA

CreepyLA: The little website blurb mentions you have a personal “mythology” that you integrate into your pieces. Can you describe that briefly?

Erin: Nightmares and Dreams. Visions, almost. I think I am a very emotional person. I think I tend to “fall in love” with my artwork because of the personal stuff in it. I would be excited to come home to it, I’ve had breakups with it, kinda like I had a relationship with it. The “Myself” piece is about me being or becoming more comfortable with myself, I feel like I am a beautiful person inside and out now. Everything I paint is based on something I have felt or gone through.

CreepyLA: What is your favorite piece here?

"Mywolfeyes" Mixed Media on Canvas by Erin Martinez

"Mywolfeyes" Mixed Media on Canvas by Erin Martinez

Erin: Favorite piece is “Mywolfeyes”. I usually do a lot of crows, ravens; the wolf is new for me. It’s kind of a representation of my boyfriend. He came in like a big whirlwind and he inspired me, I felt like I could live again. The piece took me seven months. It’s actually where the name of the show came from. I feel like I have experienced an awakening.

Erin’s ability to create stark and striking images is impressive, but after speaking with her, and becoming familiar with the creative processes and emotions that went into her work, the images come alive on the very canvas they rest on.

“Awakening” is open to general viewers through September 15th, 2009 at the Hyaena, admission is free.  Make a point to take some friends along and view the artist’s stirring work.

Hyaena Gallery, 1928 W. Olive Ave. Burbank, CA  91506  818.972.2448
Mon – Sat: 11am – 7pm  Sun: Noon – 5pm