Get that decomposing, ripe from the grave look

From the Halloween Wishlist:

Final results of the "Exposed Brain Kit" from Gorify.

Final results of the "Exposed Brain Kit" from Gorify.

After you’re done pretending to turn yourself into a zombie at Zombieland’s Zombify-Yourself site, its time to go for some real brains with a professional “Gorify” makeup kit, suitable for Halloween or any other time you’re hankering for some brains.

Complete zombie makeup kits start at $44.95, but if you’re just aiming for a particular “peeling skin effect” you can purchase tubs of wax or latex for $5.99 each. Filmmakers, zombie walk organizers, or anyone else who needs enough makeup for a dozen zombies can even go for a bulk kit priced at $159.95.

On the non-zombie front, they have a Joker scar kit, for those impersonators who want to get that permanent smile down just right.

Their site also includes tutorials on how to apply the makeup, including one for the set I have my eyes on, “The Exposed Brain Kit.” (It comes with a brain!)

As they say, shop smart. Shop Z mart.

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