Highlights from June's SWS

Thank you to everyone, who made the trek out to Monrovia to visit the haunted Aztec Hotel. It was the biggest turnout for one of our gatherings yet (I stopped counting at 75 attendees). Also a special thank you to the owner and staff of this famous roadside attraction for their gracious invitation to our group.

In the haunted room #120, apparently a group of people (on the tour) heard a voice coming from the restroom. When the door was opened to investigate the sounds, the person holding the door knob was shocked (with the possible ambient electricity in the room). It’s interesting to note that an paranormal investigation was conducted in that room a couple of weeks before our event, and they concluded that that bathroom was very active. The ghost-hunting team even heard the toilet flush on its own. Is there an “other-worldly occupant” in bathroom, or is it just faulty plumbing? You decide.

We would also like to thank GHOULA-member Damon, who parked his hearse in front (pictured above) as well as the bands that performed that night (Hexam Heads, Future Ghost, and Lost Lake). GHOULA is also working on putting together another ghost-themed concert in the near future.