The Comedy Store to host midnight seances and flashlight tours throughout October

photo by espensorvik, via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license.

If an event this year was custom tailored to CreepyLA’s interests, this would be it.

The Sunset Strip’s Comedy Store may be more renowned for it alleged hauntings than the legendary standups who have performed there. Sam Kinison, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, and even Gallagher (yes, THE Gallagher) have all performed inside the club, previously a known mobster hangout called Ciros. Back then, as the legends go, assorted hits would take place in the basement and other locations in the labyrinthian building. And today, the spirits of those executed continue to haunt the stages and nooks and crannies of the Comedy Store.

Beginning October 8th at 11:55pm, and continuing every Friday for the rest of October, The Comedy Store is inviting the public to come have a chance to meet the ghosts that linger there, at “Haunted Midnights.”

For a $10 ticket, guests will hear first hand accounts from people who have had supernatural experiences at the club, watch a live seance intended to draw out the spirits that reside there, and other proceeding that will culminate in a flashlight tour of the The Comedy Store… including the notorious basement.

Ghosts, an unusual Los Angeles location, and public participation? Count us in!

CreepyLA will be present this Friday night. To join us, buy tickets online directly from The Comedy Store., or wait for our review next weekend to help you decide whether to attend on the 15th, 22nd, or 29th.