Nothing Is Very Bad: Get Ready for "Spider Baby" Live On Stage

Called “the maddest story ever told,” the freakish and black-humored 1968 film SPIDER BABY is a cult classic that launched Sid Haig into B-movie stardom and was one of the movies Lon Chaney, Jr. ever made.

Rife with cannibalism, incest, morbidity, craziness and quirky humor, it’s also been made into a genuine singing-and-dancing extravaganza — Spider Baby – the Musical! It’s playing in a limited run at the Lyric Hyperion Theater starting October 15.

And why not? Lon Chaney, Jr. sang the jazzy theme song to the original movie… no kidding!


And remember, as Lon tells us in the movie: “Nothing is very bad!” No matter who ends up under the knife… or in tonight’s dinner…