A peek at Big Lots' Halloween offerings

Say what you want about discount chain Big Lots, but you can’t ignore that they’d consistently stocked their shelves with a wealth of Halloween goods, and usually earlier than other retailers. So, its been sad over the past few years to see the retailer close many of its Los Angeles locations. The Downtown location does remain, located in the basement level of a building at 7th and Broadway, and befitting of the subterranean spot, feels and looks a bit like a dungeon.

On a quick visit, an aisles worth of Halloween merchandise were for sale – less than usual, but its possible more stuff will arrive as the holiday approaches.

The sparse selection includes a lot of decor with solar powered lights, and the usual collection of other bat, skull and pumpkin shaped or branded items.

Below is a gallery of shots showing most of the Halloween goods found during the visit.

Do you know of any other Big Lots or other stores currently stocking Halloween merchandise early in the season? Please let us know in the comments.