Could you become the Bride of Creepy?

This is a call to all the scream queens, sexy witches, vampy vampires, and horror hostesses in the Los Angeles area. CreepyLA wants you – yes ALL of you, to become his bride! (Dracula was a polygamist, so why can’t we?)

To be considered, fill out the form below. Every eligible entrant will receive their very own profile page on CreepyLA, with select entries receiving featured periodically on our front page and promoted through Facebook and Twitter.

So who should consider becoming a Bride of Creepy?

  • Scream Queens: You’re the dame next door who the movie’s killer has their sights on. Jamie Lee Curtis, Fay Wray, and Janet Leigh are all legendary scream queens… though some did better surviving that the others.
  • The Horror Host: You’re ready to take over Elvira’s spot on the velvet couch to become the spokesperson for horror films everywhere.
  • Sexy witch, “Suicide” chic, noir Betty: We’re also looking for anyone else whose style goes to the darkside. Marilyn Manson doesn’t have a monopoly on the Dita von Tease and Rose McGowan’s of the world!

Tell us about yourself or your alter-ego and, very important, upload a pic or two that reflects your true personality. Scream queens, this means in your best screaming pose or other still suitable for the pages of Fango’. Horror hosts, just look your vampy best. Everyone else, if you pass the dress code of your nearest coven, dungeon, , you’re probably in contention.

Every few days we will publish new entries. The top five profile pages with the most Facebook likes as of October 10th will be go to a reader vote, and a few days later the lady with the most votes will  be able to claim the title “Bride of Creepy,” complete with a fancy certificate. (additional prize package to be announced).

Note: an actual living human must be listed on the entry to win the prize, and eligible winner grants CreepyLA to use their likeness to promote as the Bride of Creepy through October 2012, when Creepy may grow tired of his bride and seek another.

Entry deadline is October 10th at 11:59pm, but entering early will give you a head start on racking up those Facebook likes.

*potential sponsors: want to provide a wedding gift for our winner? Send an email to creepyla at gmail dot com.

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