Food Noir – An Evening Of Murderous Elegance

The Downtown Los Angeles revival has grown sexier by the year. With over a century of lurid history, stunning architecture and a culture all its own, it’s no surprise it is quickly becoming the haunt of discerning creatures of the night.

This weekend marks yet another ‘not to be missed’ event for the tragically chic and vintage inclined with The Taste’s Food Noir. I have to admit, my first thought was, “I want to know what Noir inspired food tastes like and if there is a chance it will seduce you just before killing you.”

Allow me to set the scene. It’s dark. Maybe there will be a little fog rolling in from the coast. Maybe not. (I’m pulling for the smokey stuff to put in an appearance. It’ll go great with my heels.) Imagine a block of Broadway (between 8th and 9th) completely shut down to celebrate all that is ‘Noir’ via themed food and libations (expect to find me at Death’s Door Spirits) as well as classic movie reels running inside the historic Orpheum Theater and live music.

Food Noir is part of a larger weekend extravaganza spread across Los Angeles featuring 9 tasting events in Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Downtown Los Angeles. Each event includes tastings from celebrated restaurants/chefs, spirits and demonstrations. For more information, you can look up The Taste’s official website:

Food Noir takes place this Sunday (8 pm to 12). For the all inclusive price of $125 you are invited to try unlimited samples from over 30 restaurants, breweries, wineries and purveyor of fine spirits, lurk in the shadows while taking in the strains of Dengue Fever (the band, not the bone breaking disease they are named after) and screen vintage film noir, news reels and classic trailers to legendary films.

And if you encounter a dangerous dame whispering promises of paradise in your ear while a glint of murder scintillates in her eyes, it’s probably me.

Run the other way.