Roundup: Halloween Horror Nights "exclusive" concept art

Showing their appreciation for bloggers and theme park attraction journalists, this week Universal Studios Hollywood released a plethora of concept art images for Halloween Horror Nights to assorted outlets. Each site was given their own set of unique images, with an exclusive right to post them through September 6th.

CreepyLA was one of them. That said, we know some of our readers are eager to indulge in as much Halloween Horror Nights coverage as possible, so we’ve assembled this quick breakdown of where you can find the additional exclusive images. We’ll continue to update this list as more images come in.

Concept art for Alice Cooper's "Welcome to My Nightmare" at Universal Studio Hollywood's Halloween Horror NightsWelcome to My Nightmare

“Sick Things” and “Headmaster Alice” at Bloody Disgusting.

“Black Widow Throne,” “Headless Alice,” “Humanary Stew,” and “Crispy Critter” at CreepyLA

“Dr. Alice” and “Humanary Stew” at Theme Park Adventure

“Alice/Steven,” “Billion Dollar Baby,” and “Alice Skeletons” at L.A. Times Funland (bloody sexy nurses within!)


La Llorona: Villa De Almas Perdidas

“Living Statue” at Shock Til You Drop

“Santa Muerta” and “Santa Muerta Throne” at Dread Central

“Moaning Woman” and “Living Statue” at