Haunted Restaurant and Bar: Musso & Frank

A rumored hidden backroom is allegedly infested with ghosts remaining from the days when it served as an illegal speakeasy, but there are plenty of famous ghosts that mingle with the common people at the bar.

Writes Richard Carradine, “The spirits of Errol Flynn (who also haunts his former residence), Lionel Barrymore (who also haunts his former residence), Orson Wells (who also haunts another restaurant in West Hollywood), Carole Lombard (who also haunts the Hotel Roosevelt), and Jean Harlow (who also busily haunts three of her former homes in Beverly Hills) have all been seen at various locations inside this famous upscale eatery.”

Carradine notes that while many literary giants indulged in alcoholic libations at the bar (F. Scott Fitzgerald,┬áDorothy Parker, Dashiel Hammet, Ernest Hemingway, and Charles Bukowski for starters), none have been reported to linger there in the afterlife. Or maybe, as happens to writers, they just haven’t been recognized.

6667 Hollywood Blvd.

Source: The Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles