Coffin Hunt #2 Clue: Valley of Hope

The featured prize for today’s successful grave digger is a pair of VIP packages to the Comikaze Expo, being held November 5 and 6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Each VIP package allows for front of line access at this super-convention on both days, a gift bag, and if the holder is over 21, access to their VIP party.

Comikaze will have presentations from top horror makeup artists, and will also be Elvira’s final signing appearance in character! We’ll be writing more soon about all the horror related offering from Comikaze, but in the meantime take a peek at their site for a look at the insane amount of activities for fans of pop culture and every available subgenre.

The finder of this coffin will also receive a Kooky Can from Mixo, a perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alcehemy Lab, an extra free pass to the Comikaze Expo on November 5 and 6, and, of course, the coffin, provided by The Site Unscene and designed by local street artist Destroy All Design.

If you don’t find the coffin first, there should still be some stickers, pins, and other small treats to appease you (and mostly to let grave robbers know they found the right spot).

As for today’s first clue, for the coffin located somewhere in the valley…

Some ghosts are said to float, and sometimes even fly.  This is even more likely of the spirits honored near this coffin.

We hope someone will find this coffin soon, but if not another clue will be revealed by 6pm via CreepyLA’s Twitter account.

Not sure what the Coffin Hunt is all about? Read our initial entry on the subject.