Coffin Hunt #5 clue: None in the club

Today's coffin designed by Kophn One.

The featured prize for today’s successful grave digger is a signed copy of “The House on Haunted Hill: A William Castle Annotated Screamplay.”

The “screamplay” is a reproduction of producer William Castle’s shooting script, including his handwritten notes in the margins, giving an inside look into the mind of one of horror film’s greatest legends. And true to “The House on Haunted Hill’s” key gimmick, the book also includes it’s own version of Emergo – the skeleton that would literally come out onto the audience during film screenings will now come off of the page!

If you don’t happen to snag a copy by being the first to find today’s coffin, the book will be available October 31st at fine bookstores everywhere. Terry Castle, daughter of William Castle, will be signing copies at the Aero Theatre screening of “The House on Haunted Hill,” 6:30pm in Santa Monica (details); she will also be signing copies at Larry Edmunds Bookshop in Hollywood on November 10th (time TBD – check here for updates).

The finder of this coffin will also receive a Mixo Monsters Kooky Can from Mixo, a perfume oil from Black Phoenix Alcehemy Lab, a free pass to the Comikaze Expo on November 5 and 6, and, of course, the coffin, provided by The Site Unscene and designed by local street artist Kophn One.

For those who show up a little late for the coffin, a few stickers and other goodies should be left behind as a consolation prize.

As for today’s clue:

Actually, we forget what the clue was. But if we did have the clue, we’d have had to eliminate all of these locations first:

Important: If you find the coffin, please leave the rest of the goodies and the container for anyone who may be on your heels. If you’re late to the coffin, please take only one or two goodies from the container and leave the rest to the next coffin hunter. Also: the coffin may be a few feet away from the destination, but still, no trespassing required!

We’d link to think that with a little brainstorming, someone will quickly figure this out. If not, we’ll begin sending out more clue shortly after 5pm via CreepyLA’s Facebook page.

Not sure what the Coffin Hunt is all about? Read our initial entry on the subject.