Live the fantasy world of MYTH Masque

Hello, Darklings.  This is the Noir Vixen coming to you from deep within the Vixen Cave with a bit of devilishly irresistible hedonism about to descend upon the City of Fallen Angels this Spring._MG_0043

I have had the unexpected honor, this year, of being drawn into a fantastical world of light and darkness co-mingling for one utterly enchanting night within the grandeur of the Vibiana Cathedral in Downtown Los Angeles known as the MYTH Masque.

So, what exactly is MYTH Masque?  It’s your chance to disappear into a visceral world of fantasy.  If you loved Legend, Willow, Krull, Neverending Story, or any of those great high fantasy tales that predate the arrival of CGI, now you can indulge your inner sense of play and live it.  All you need is your imagination as you roam about the distinct lands within the realm of the Court, interacting with mythical creatures as well as the dazzling patrons of the MYTH Masque who bring all manner of unexpected whimsy and creativity as they express themselves without restriction. The only caveat is you must come in costume!

MYTH Masque features atmosphere entertainers in distinctly themed areas as well as performance acts through out the evening sprawled across both the inside and outside of the majestic Vibiana.  In its inaugural year 2012, MYTH Masque captured the imagination of Ball patrons, fantasy lovers, Hollywood costumers and the high fashion designers of Los  Angeles.  MYTH is the brainchild of Erin Layne and Jack Dean Strauss, both very active members of the dark, creative underground of Los Angeles art, music and fashion.  Having long run in similar circles but never quite connecting, I found myself interacting with the charming Miss Layne early this year and then drawn into her coterie of like minded creatives all bent toward the same desire – to produce an event on the level of legendary European Balls where child-like high fantasy meets adult sensibilities.  My participation  with MYTH Masque thus far has been with general production and consulting, though it is about to become a great deal more fantastic.

This year, to grow upon that success, the MYTH Masque is announcing a new twist that will be of great interest to those of us with a darker nature – Chambre Du Vampire.

Amidst the high fantasy of mermaids, a unicorn drawn carriage, spritely green fairies and other such glittery mythology sprawling out across the grounds and great hall of the Vibiana will slither seductive darkness as a counterpoint.  A long time in the making, Fang Club presents a wicked lounge where The Eternal Queen (LeeAnn Vamp) will serve as Hostess to a rare evening of preternatural creatures deigning to consort freely including Shannnon ChromeGirl and Leonardo Cavallero (Fang Artisan) with his dangerously lovely sanguinaires.  You will also catch a certain Noir Vixen in full vampiric regalia for the first time in nearly a decade. Details are still evolving as this is a new turn of events.

Tickets are currently on sale ranging from $45 for an 8 pm, $75 for 6 pm arrival that includes an exclusive reception to a $110  (Limited number of tickets available) for 6 pm arrival upon a unicorn drawn carriage complete with heralded entrance to an exclusive reception. For more information about the various passport levels into the realm of the MYTH Masque, including photos of the amazing costuming from 2012, visit  (The event is 21 and over.)

And, dearest darklings, keep your eyes peeled for a big announcement this week.  I can’t give away any secrets but the headlining act will be the dark, sparkling diamond in the crown of the 2013 MYTH Masque.

Vixen out.