A Weekend to Dismember

PasadenaMausoleum-01If your idea of a lovely weekend is spent hanging out with coroners, visiting morgues and mausoleums, and talking about every morbid way conceibable that your neighbors have been killed, then be sure to send us your name and number and let’s set up a time to get to know each other. Oh, and be sure to sign up to take part in the second annual Dearly Departed Weekend, taking place October 3 thru 6 at assorted locations in the Los Angeles area.

Organized by Scott Michaels of Dearly Departed Tours, the weekend will feature field trips (via a” Tomb Buggy”) to the Los Angeles Police Museum, Los Angeles Police Academy, the L.A. County Coroners building, and Mountain View Cemetery. Throughout the weekend there will be appearances and presentations LA County Coroner Craig Harvey, author John Gilmore, and “Bewitched’s” Erin Murphy.

Conversation should be “un-lively,” including tales of the Black Dahlia and the “Chop Shop” Lamb Funeral Home scandal, being told inside the mausoleum during one of the weekend’s meals.

The weekend will also have dark history trivia contests, auctions, and raffles to remind you that you’re not just lucky to be alive.

Tickets start at $50 for select events, or $215 for the full weekend lineup. Details here.