Is “America Is Haunted” Legit?

Image from the America Is Haunted website.

Image from the America Is Haunted website.

Recently, a number of “deals” for dozens of haunted attractions across the country have appeared on various discount shopping sites, all tied to the website “America Is Haunted.” While the attractions claim to be an established brand, saying they are “Americas longest running national fear factor,” we have been unable to verify that anyone within the haunted attraction industry has ever heard of the haunts, let alone working to put these together.

The description of the Los Angeles “America Is Haunted” attraction also seems to take credit for the haunted attraction scene across the country:

As Halloween approaches, dozens of macabre vistas appear across the country, frightening but somehow also beckoning groups of visitors. The masterminds behind these apparitions? America Is Haunted, a company that has fear down to a science.

Discounted tickets have appeared on both GroupOn and Amazon Local in assorted cities, and tickets are also being listed for sale on

Some descriptions for their haunts promise, “Six terrifying mazes, eight mini-shows, more than 300 monsters, goblins, and ghouls including larger-than-life rats, spiders, and gargoyles, as well as interactive experiences, gory vignettes, and costumed actors await throughout each attraction.”

Each listing for an America Is Haunted location appears to be a vacant warehouse or office location.

On the Haunt World message board, a Las Vegas haunter using the handle “RJ Productions” writes that he drove to the Las Vegas location, but “it is a vacant building that is no way big enough to hold what they claim!!!”

On the same forum, legendary Halloween attraction producer Larry Kirchner claims, “They (America Is Haunted) are using a bunch of lifted graphics from my website.”

Their Facebook page has recently disabled postings by the public. A message left with “America Is Haunted” via email on Thursday has not been returned, and both phone numbers on their site were either redirect to a full mailbox or a message that the call cannot be completed as dialed.

A phone number associated with a number of the listings appears to also be behind other events that never happened or were postponed, such as the “Bay Area Food Classic” originally “scheduled” for September 27th, but has since been “postponed” to November 8th.

If anyone has more information on America Is Haunted please email us at creepyla at gmail dot com.