The Los Feliz Murder House – 2475 Glendower Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90027

For decades, the contents of this home remained exactly as they were left on the early morning of December 6, 1959, when physician Harold Perelson bludgeoned his wife to death and committed suicide. One daughter managed to escape as her father attempted to kill her, running from the house screaming for help.

While the house was bought and sold several times, nobody ever actually moved in after the grisly murder suicide. Curiosity seekers claimed that when they’d look inside the house, even unwrapped Christmas presents were still left inside by unworn 1950’s era furniture as recently as 2010.

Whatever curse or spirits was keeping homedwellers away, in summer 2016 the home was purchased for $2.29 million, and the brave new home owners moved in.

Check out these photos of the home before it was cleaned up for the new owners here.