It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown on BLU-RAY TODAY!

The classic returns! … Again!
Out today, the seminal classic It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown is out on Blu-Ray for the first time!  I’ve now watched this special over interference-laden TV-Antenna broadcast, VHS recording, DVD play, inter… Read more

Happy THE FOG Day! The Elizabeth Dane Wrecks 30 Years Ago…

“11:55, almost midnight. Enough time for one more story. 
One more story before 12:00, just to keep us warm. 
In five minutes, it will be the 21st of April. 
One hundred years ago on the 21st of April, out in the waters around Spivey Poi… Read more

RED, GREEN and BLU: A Nightmare on Elm Street Blu-Ray!

No matter how you feel about your beloved horror classics being remade you can look forward to them for one reason alone:  NEW HOME VIDEO RELEASES OF THOSE HORROR CLASSICS TO TIE IN TO THE THEATRICAL RELEASE!
Woo hoo! 

Out on Tuesday came t… Read more

Horror Movies for an April Fool's Day

Happy April Fool’s Day!
No prank posts here at Halloween Addict today, I’m just looking for a reason to post on a weird “holiday” like today.

Originally I was just going to suggest a viewing of the classic horror slasher April Fool’s Day.  You’ve… Read more