"Unreleasable" film "Deadgirl" midnight screening July 24th at the Nuart

DreadCentral.com’s Uncle Creepy (no relation) just gave us the heads up that the necrophiliac freak out film “Deadgirl” will have a handful of midnight screenings across the country on July 24th and 25th. Los Angeles, unfortunately, only gets one of these nights as the Nuart Theatre in West Los Angeles will host a midnight screening the evening of July 24th. The films stars, Noah Segan and Shiloh Fernandez, and Writer Trent Haaga will follow the film with a q & a.

The press release reads that “Deadgirl” is the “story of two high school misfits who cut school to explore the remains of an abandoned hospital. The gruesome discovery they make will test the very limits of their sanity and tear apart their young lives forever: A woman stripped naked and chained to a table. She’s abandoned, beautiful and dead…or is she?”

Since it began hitting the festival circuit, reviews for “Deadgirl” have alternated between repulsion to fascination… often in the same review. Considered “unreleasable,” this series of midnight screenings make for the film’s only non-festival theatrical release before it is released on video September 15th.

Visit the film’s website, or check out the trailer here:


Note: Don’t confuse this “Deadgirl” with the 2006 film “The Dead Girl,” starring Toni Collette, which, while a mystery drama of the non-horor variety, is still worth a look.