Burbank – YOUR Best Bet for Cheap Alternative Haunt Attractions!

Burbank’s Dark Delicacies

Burbank is where Halloween is at ! Shopping-wise we have Dark Delicacies ( Horror themed book store), Halloween Town (Year Round Rob Zombie owned Halloween Shop), Cinema Secrets ( One of the best prosthetic and makeup shops, they provide all the makeup effects for Universal’s Horror Nights) and every vintage costume shop you imagine. Haunt wise we have the Haunted Hayride, Halloween Train Ride, Backwoods Maze, Rotten Apple Haunted House, and so much more! This seemingly dull city that I was born and raised in sure packs a hell of a punch in terms of Halloween! Check out our visit to some of Burbank’s finest Halloween haunts below that we highly recommend as a cheap alternative!

Ghost Train Halloween Ride in Griffith Park.

This can be hard to find if you aren’t a local! Located smack dab in-between the rolling hills of Forest Lawn Cemetery and the 134 FWY this local haunt is considered by management to be a ‘best kept secret’. Located a few miles short of the Haunted Hay Ride (which at $30 cost’s almost as much as a ticket to Knott’s, which in that case, I say GO TO KNOTT’S!). This Train Ride is in every way awesome! You line up in front of a giant train station completely covered in Halloween decor and pipes throwing flames up into the night sky. You then  board a small miniature Train and ride for over a mile and half ( aprox. 25 min ) through the eery black hills of Griffith Park. You come across hundreds if not thousands of decorations, animatronics, claustrophobic fog/light filled tunnels, all leading up to a giant ghostly dance party. While some of the decor may frighten some kids- nobody jumps out at you and it’s a non stop eye candy. I highly recommend doing this attraction right at 7 when they open to avoid huge lines. This well definitely appeal to adults and kids who love a more nostalgic approach to Halloween. We all have Disneyland passes and we would say this is as close to Halloween at disney as you can get in Los Angeles. Im 22 and this has already become a Halloween tradition for me and my friends.


And Check out our long interview with Train management


Griffith Park
5202 Zoo Drive – Los Angeles, CA 90027
Phone: (323) 662-8030
October 13-14, 19-21, 26-31
7:00 to 10:00pm nightly.
$8 suggested donation (money goes toward maintenance  and new display’s)
Free parking!

Backwoods Maze

Don’t let this seemingly dull facade of this local Burbank home fool you- this is NOT to be missed! This maze is not only FREE it is amazing! This hand’s down is one of the best home made haunted houses I’ve ever been through. Don’t let the seemingly dull facade and neighborhood kids loitering around the porch fool you. This maze is top notch. I would compare this to the best maze at Knott’s Scary Farm. It is jam packed with monsters coming at you from above, below, behind, everywhere! I couldn’t believe how long this maze was! you cross bridges, a zombie barn, a freezer (hanging body bags and all) , a backwoods marketplace, Even a Tower of Terror themed facade inside the maze that made no sense at all but was so undeniably cool you couldn’t believe this was in someone’s backyard. My favorite moment was the Monsters above shooting air cannons at you! The amount of detail and thought in this backyard haunted house was above and beyond. I highly recommend visiting this FREE maze in Burbank.


October 12-14, 19-21, 26-28 & Halloween night. Also possibly on October 30, though not confirmed.
Admission free! donations accepted

*Also next weekend in Burbank the Rotten Apple maze on California St open’s, as we recall from last year this is yet another not to be missed haunted house located minutes from the above two attractions.