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Creepy Questions for Bruce Stanton, Reign of Terror Haunted House

Reign of Terror

The first time you try to find Reign of Terror (ROT), you may think your GPS has led you astray. Parking next to CVS and walking into Janss Marketplace is indeed a strange experience for someone seeking horror. A cheery open air shopping mall with palm trees and pink painted walls seems about the most unlikely place for guts and gore. Located...

Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse: High-Energy Halloween Fun That’s Charged With Positivity

Ghoulmaster and his Ghosts (photo by Bianca Sanchez)

Ghoulmaster’s Haunted Playhouse is just a charmer. That’s the word for it: Charmer. It’s a love letter to Halloween, horror hosts and the power of non-conformity that clearly has a lot of passion and joy behind it, and those good feelings are all over the stage. A unique confection made with a dash of Elvira and other horror hosts, a soupcon...

Mini-Review: Ghosts of Ma Barker—A Satisfying Mix of Spectres and Hoodlums

Diana Kyle as Ma Barker, facing off with Grant Garrison as Dock Barker, in "The Ghosts of Ma Barker."

The recently closed production of T.S. Devai’s play, The Ghosts of Ma Barker, at the Ruby Theatre at The Complex in Hollywood offered audiences a strong intersection of drama, history, social issues and the paranormal. Framed by the story of a paranormal podcaster (Devix Szell) and a psychic investigator (the electric Linda McShan) visiting the...

From Beyond and The Monkey’s Paw: A First-Class Night of Entertainment in the Mausoleum from Unbound Productions

The cast of Unbound Productions' "The Monkey's Paw."

L.A.’s own Unbound Productions does more than just their acclaimed annual Wicked Lit show—they offer up smart, often delightfully macabre theater basically year-round. The latest of their productions is a very fine version of W.W. Jacobs’ classic chiller, “The Monkey’s Paw,” paired with a particularly nice reader’s theater telling of...