Interactive Theater Experience, SANCTION, Coming to LA this November

With the success of immersive theater and experiences, it’s no wonder why the popularity of these events keeps growing.  As October creeps in, we are filled to the brim with haunts all throughout the c… Read more

The Bloodshed Brothers Return With the Hyde Street Massacre

You can’t keep a good haunter down. Let alone twin brother haunters. Zachary and Jeromy Ball, more popularly known as The […] Read more

A Look At Paramount Studios After Dark Tour

This night-time version of Paramount’s studio tour adds a seasonal overlay of ghostly rumors and grim Hollywood history. Hollywood is Read more

Five Chilling Creepypastas Involving Deadly Occult Rituals

Not long after we first launched our regular creepypasta column, we examined a particularly disturbing viral legend reported by a user known as InfernalNightmare333, who broke down a specific set of rules for an extremely spooky party game, through which the player(s) could allegedly summon Satan himself. But it’s been a while since we visited […] Read more

Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Fright Fest review: Affordable, Freaky Fun

FRIGHT FEST has always been a bit of a well-kept secret for haunt fans in the LA area. For the […] Read more

Evil Dead The Musical Is A Bloody Good Time

Sometimes when five college students make their way to an old, abandoned cabin in the woods, things work out amazingly well. This isn’t one of those times. Fortunately for us, their bad time translates into a hilarious and extremely well produced show, as evidenced by The Garage Theatre’s production of…

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HEX is coming to North Hollywood to Bewitch You

Starting this weekend in North Hollywood is a brand new show called HEX from True Focus Theater & Cabaret Le Fey. During the show, you will be welcomed into the world of black magic, witchcraft, and demons. You will summon monsters and resist temptations through the ages. They dare you…

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Knott’s Scary Farm 2016 Review

KNOTT’S SCARY FARM is the largest Halloween event in SoCal. With thirteen haunted attractions, two live stage shows, and four massive scare […] Read more

A Sneak Peek Behind The 17th Door Haunt Experience 2016

Without a doubt, the single most-anticipated new attraction to come online here in Southern California last Halloween was The 17th Door Haunt Experience. Located in Tustin, just minutes away from Disneyland in Orange County, The 17th Door hit the scene more »

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