Explore Beverly Hills' most famous haunted mansion… after dark!

photo of Greystone Mansion by XWL, used under a Creative Commons license.

photo of Greystone Mansion by XWL, used under a Creative Commons license.

On July 31st and August 28th, Beverly Hill’s Greystone Mansion hosts “Fright Nights” – an evening of campfires, s’mores, and tours of the manor after the sun sets.

The 55 room manor was the setting of a supposed murder-suicide in 1928 that took the life of owner Ned Doheny and his secretary, Hugh Plunkett, who was found with a pistol in his cold, dead hands.

While police consider the case closed, others suspect a cover-up, perhaps a high level conspiracy, as both men had testified during investigations surrounding the Teapot Dome scandal, an oil bribery sceme that involved Ned’s oil tycoon father, Edward L. Doheny, and the White House.

Poor Ned had only been living in the home for four months – his wife would stay there until 1955. Since then the mansion has largely remained unoccupied and used primarily as a location for films, including, “There Will Be Blood,” “The Prestige,” “Death Becomes Her,” and “The Big Lebowski.”

Word of this very cool event comes via those meddling kids at G.H.O.U.L.A. – the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles – who invite you to join them at the August 28th event. For a history lesson of the 1928 murders that occurred in the mansion, visit their site.

The Fright Nights begin at 7:30pm, and are $15 per person. Click here for full details and to register.

Greystone Mansion, 905 Loma Vista Dr., Beverly Hills, CA  90210