Here comes the Bride of Creepy: Inkerbella

Inkerbella de los Muertos

It was a landslide – CreepyLA voters overwhelmingly chose Inkerbella as the Bride of Creepy… forever shall she hold her peace. I think everyone will agree she’ll look lovely in white, with many spatters of blood stains.

In September, CreepyLA put the call out for all bachelorettes to be the Bride of Creepy, promising eternal damnation and a righteous title. Thirteen applied, and we left it up to our readers to choose who would ultimately walk down the aisle.

Inkerbella, with her horror-rock beauty all coated in terrifyingly beautiful tattoos, was immediately recognized as a reader favorite (read her submission here), and ultimately the one they draped in a veil and forced to clasp Creepy’s leprosy ridden hand. It was a match made in one of the lower demon infested heavens.

Almost as soon as the vows were made, Inkerbella was already working on putting her touch on Creepy’s morgue. “We need a few more cob webs around the house,” she said. “I will also be hanging up my family portraits the ones from the Haunted Memories. We also need to start looking for our family pet! I was thinking something along the lines of a baby dragon!”

The Bride says if you watch closely, you’ll be able to see her zombified self this Wednesday night on CSI (10pm on CBS), with makeup by bachelorette Miss Chrissy Lynn Macabre (as they say, always the bridesmaid…), and she will be escaping the morgue and making a personal appearance on Thursday, November 17th at Viva Dulce Marina in South Pasadena (950 Mission Street).

If you’d like to see Inkerbella hanging on your wall (her photo, not her body!), order your copy of Culture Asylum Magazine Nov.2011 issue. She says, “that’s where I got a bit on the bloody side for their cover and spread,” and notes that it makes a swell holiday gift. And coming soon, she’ll be appearing in the web series turned TV show “8.13” on Hart Fisher’s TV channel “American Horrors.”

You can also listen to Inkerbella in an interview with Char Hardin of on the podcast titled “Ghouls night out part 2.”

But more immediatly, she’s planned a special decoration for herself – a tattoo of her betrothed Creepy. “It will definitely be done in portrait style, surrounded in a Victorian gothic frame with his name under it! It will go on my upper thigh so I can always see it.”

So if you ever catch Inkerbella in the wild, be sure to ask her to show off her Creepy tattoo.