"Delusion: The Blood Rite" May Be Too Frightening For Some Viewers

The West Adams mansion where Delusion: Blood Rite will take place

CreepyLA recently chatted with “Delusion: The Blood Rite” creator Jon Braver on how things were gearing up for his Halloween attraction’s second year. First off, he insisted, “We’re not treating this as a haunted house.” He prefers, “the most psychologically disturbing interactive experience you’ll ever have.”

In addition to being a longer “Haunted Play” this year, Braver promised more interactivity, and more intensity. So much intensity, in fact, that his crew is working on a system so an audience member will be able to stop the show so they can leave if necessary.

NOTE: SPOILERS AHEAD – If you want to be completely surprised and shocked by the level of interactivity at Delusion, stop reading now and just mark your calendars or grab your tickets. You’ve been warned!

“In almost every scene the audience has to participate in some way to move the story forward,” Braver said. For example, “audience members are captured this year. One person may be dragged off into a different scene, and the rest of the group will need to negotiate for their release.”

Braver said the interactivity would begin even before they entered the house, where they’ll need to find an object in a cemetery to bring inside for the residents who, for one reason or another, are never allowed to leave.

Audience members will also learn they have telekinetic abilities of their own, and in one instance a guest, “may end up throwing somebody back through a hallway.”

“You’re basically a character in a horror movie,” Braver said.

In addition to having a full story that unfolded as guests made their way through the house, Delusion also features elaborate stunt work ¬†utilizing Braver’s nearly 20 years of work as a stuntman on films including “Dark Knight Rises” and “Iron Man.” This allows for actors to drop from the ceiling, fly down hallways, and crawl on walls.

Scott Blair, casting director for the show, said a few hundred people auditioned for 64 total spots. The script calls for 16 cast members, but 32 actors could be working at any one time as multiple audiences worked their way through the house. While he scheduled most auditions, pulling from actors with film, TV, or stage experience, he said an open call for actors, “”helps with fans to be part of it.”