Universal Studios Unleashes the “Evil Dead” for Horror Nights

courtesy Universal Studios Hollywood, used with permission.

courtesy Universal Studios Hollywood, used with permission.

For their first official maze announcement of 2013, Universal Studios Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights revealed that this year’s box office hit “Evil Dead” will be featured at the park this September and October.

A remake of the 1981 cult classic which launched Sam Raimi’s career, “Evil Dead” follows a group of friends battling demons while vacationing at a deep woods cabin. Things don’t work out well for the humans, which will, of course translate into fodder for Universal Studios Hollywood’s twisted creative director John Murdy, who is tasked with adapting the film into a live, walk thru experience for themee park visitors.

“Watching ‘Evil Dead’s unrelenting horror unfold in movie theatres was undoubtedly an unnerving experience, but with Halloween Horror Nights, we’re taking it one step further,” said Murdy in a press release announcing the maze. “Fans of ‘Evil Dead’ will feel like they’ve left the safety of the theatre and stepped through the screen into a living horror movie where the film’s demonic characters are coming for them. Our incredibly immersive and highly disturbing maze experience will come to life with the same attention to detail and production value of the film and will be the ultimate thrill for horror movie fans.”

Hollywood’s sister theme park, Universal Studios Orlando, will also be creating an “Evil Dead” themed maze. Said Michael Aiello from Florida’s Entertainment team, “These haunted mazes will be just as intense and unapologetically terrifying, and I can’t wait for my fellow horror fans to venture inside and live the unyielding horror they’ve seen in the film.”

“I’m thrilled with how popular ‘Evil Dead’ has become with horror fans, and it’s exciting that it’s coming to life at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights,” said Fede Alvarez, director of this year’s “Evil Dead” film. “Just like the film, this haunted maze is going to be over-the-top, in-your-face and completely outrageous – and I can’t wait to see it.”

Today’s announcement is timed to coincide with the DVD and Blu-Ray release of “Evil Dead.”

As previously reported, Hollywood’s Halloween Horror Nights is expected to run September 20th through November 2nd.