Obviously, when dealing with historical figures, the subject of sexual orientation can never always be definite, so those listed below are the apparitions of personalities that are generally accepted as homosexual. For this reason, the ghosts of Rudolph Valentino, James Dean, and George Reeves did not make this list, even though there have been claims that they were (in life) secretly gay. I have, however, included ghosts of possible non-homosexuals, where their “homosexuality” is important to the ghost story (even if it may not be true).

13.) “The Man in Apt #2” – At a certain apartment complex on the north end of Silver Lake, there is a bathroom with a mirror that catches glimpses of a former occupant, a gay man who supposedly committed suicide in that room (when it was a closet). Although, he was not famous, and no one remembers his name, this spirit is included on this list to represent all the other unknown gay ghosts in our city. (This apartment building is near the intersection of Hyperion Ave and Rowena Ave)

12. ) R. Gregory Stevens – This is the longtime friend of actress Carrie Fisher and politico for President Bush, who died in Fisher’s Laurel Canyon home of an overdose, and then according to her appearance on “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” haunted her house. He is worth including because not only is he one of this city’s gay ghosts, but he is also something very rare in this town – a gay Republican. (This private residence is on the 8600 block of Lookout Mountain Ave., Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles)

dohenyhomicide11.) Ned Doheny/Ned Plunket – One (or both) haunts the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. Although it is pure speculation that these two were gay, their names are included on this list because most theories about their murder/suicide and cover-up revolve around the idea they were lovers, so their “gayness” is an important part of the tale people repeat, when talking about this haunting (The house is part of a public park at 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills)

10.) James Whale – This openly gay film director (unusual for the 1930’s) not only defined the way we think of Frankenstein’s monster, but also essentially created the Gothic “haunted house” movie with his feature “The Old Dark House.” So, is it any wonder that this horror pioneer would haunt his former residence in the Palisades? (This private residence is at 788 S. Amalfi Dr., Pacific Palisades)

9.) Albert Dekker – The ghost of this rather obscure actor is said to linger around his former hang out, Boardner’s Bar in Hollywood. Although not many people know his name, he had one of the most bizarre deaths this town has ever seen (which is really saying something). He was found handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged with a noose around his neck and curse words written on his body. Some accounts claim he had hypodermic needles sticking out of him.. The police classified his death as accidental. (Boardner’s is at 1652 N Cherokee Ave, Hollywood)

8.) Ramon Novarro – His spirit is said to be in residence at his former hillside home, which was also the site of his murder. Two small time hustlers beat him to death (Novarro died from choking on his own blood), while trying to extract information about a supposed large sum of money hidden somewhere on the property (that was never found). Does this “treasure” really exist? Does Novarro guard this property from the after-life against would be thieves? (This private residence is at 3110 Laurel Canyon Drive, Los Angeles)

7.) Gilmore Brown – This is not meant to be too stereotypical, but “gay” and “the theater” are two concepts that (for better or worse) many would say go together. So, it would make sense that since playhouses generally have a ghost story or two, there would be one locally with a gay ghost story. Such is the case with the historic Pasadena Playhouse and the ghost of its homosexual founder. (This active theater is at 39 S El Molino Ave., Pasadena)

6.) Christopher Isherwood – Obviously, there is no way to do a list like this without mentioning the ghost of one of the great openly gay writers/screenwriters of the twentieth century. After co-writing the best film satire of the death industry, “The Loved One,” he apparently belittled death once more by remaining on Earth to haunt his former home in Santa Monica Canyon. (This private residence is at 333 E Rustic Rd, Santa Monica)

5.) Clifton Webb – At Hollywood Forever Cemetery, with so many famous people buried there, so many great tragic tales, and so many possibilities, isn’t it interesting that the predominant ghost at this famous graveyard, is the gay actor most famous for appearing in the film noir, “Laura.” Hollywood Forever is also said to be haunted by the possibly gay Rudolph Valentino. (This memorial park is at 6000 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles)

4.) Laurence Austin – His lover believed that if something were to happen to Austin, that he would inherit Austin’s greatest possession, Hollywood’s Silent Movie Theater. A robbery was staged, and Austin was murdered in the lobby. Although his scheme was to get Austin out of the picture, it seems to have backfired, since Austin’s spirit is said to have remained there (watching over things), and continues to stay there. (This active theater is at 611 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles)

3.) “Ralf M. Walker”- The mysterious haunted “Houdini Mansion” is an enigma in this town. Although, some believe its ghost is Harry Houdini, his connection to the site seems to be in name only. The story most commonly told (and perhaps this is just a story) is that the “male figure” (some mistake for Houdini) is actually the home’s original owner, who it is said to have murdered his male “ward” here after a “lover’s quarrel,” and then used his wealth to cover it up. (This private residence is at 2398 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles)

2.) Paul Bern – Like the ghosts of the “Houdini Mansion” and Greystone Mansion mentioned previously, most retellings of the suicide (or was it murder) of Paul Bern discuss the possibility/probability of him being gay, because of his cryptic suicide note. The house he haunts is also notable because of its super-natural connection to the Mansion murders. It was here that victim Sharon Tate was warned by a bloody apparition of her own bloody fate. (This private residence is at 9860 Easton Dr, Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills)

1.) Montgomery Clift – The reason that Monty, and his bugle-playing spirit (disturbing the sleep of guests), is at the top of this list is because of the real estate he occupies. Like most things in Los Angeles, It’s all about location, location, location. Next to the Queen Mary, the Roosevelt Hotel is probably the most famous haunted place in La-La-Land with its ghost stories mentioned in most tourist guide books. So, who haunts possibly the most famous haunted place in our city? The apparition of a famous gay actor playing with his horn. (This hotel is at 7000 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, Los Angeles)