Creepy Links: Skulldiggity

Photo by Choppercabra666, from the CreepyLA Flickr group.

Photo by Choppercabra666 (he made the skull himself), from the CreepyLA Flickr group.

See the CGI sequel Resident Evil: Degeneration for free in Los Angeles on November 18th. Details at Dread Central.

Remember those plastic Jack-O-Lantern Happy Meal pails? Ah, McDonalds memories…

Frazgo spotted the first home in Monrovia to decorate for Halloween… unsure if that McCain/Palin yard sign is part of the decor.

Simpsons writer Matt Selman is asking for help coming up with his “Treehouse of Terror” name. Mystery prize involved. My suggestions: Matt Invisible Selman. Matt Wolf Selman. Matt Bat Selman. Notice a trend?

Print and build your own mini Disney Haunted Mansions.

Hate Halloween? Learn how to help abolish and replace it in your neighborhood with a more wholesome, more Christian friendly “Light the Night” festivity.

Also, Landover Baptist Church, the most upstanding church in the U.S. of A., where only the worthwhile are welcomed to worship, has tips for Christians on how to ruin Satan’s birthday on October 31st. While their full-fledged Holy War on Halloween has yet to surface on their site, they already have some early pointers for witch hunting, how to effectively impress upon children that Jesus will most definitely sling them into Hell if they even so much as think about trick-or-treating and other wholesome family fun. They even have some nifty bumper stickers for God’s favorite presidential candidate.