Deal of the Week: Free (or borrowed) Halloween costumes through Neighborgoods

Borrow this Care Bear costume from Cris D. thru Neighborgoods. Girl not included.

Neighborgoods is an eBay/CraigsList alternative for people looking to borrow or share stuff. Need a guillotine for a one time use? Enter your zip code and see if someone has one waiting for you in their garage. Have a casket you barely use anymore? Post it on the site and have someone take it off your hands for a bit.

Since you’re probably thinking twice about being Lady Gaga for Halloween now that you hear everyone else and their deceased grandmother will be dressing up as her, consider perusing Neighborgoods for other costumes you can borrow for an upcoming party.

Available as of this posting: a “Golden Girls” costume some bearded dude won a Roosevelt Hotel contest with; a racecar outfit for small dogs or naughty cats; a mustard suit; and from Neighborgood’s own Mickipedia, a handmade bacon and eggs costume set for you and two friends.

One thing you won’t find me posting on Neighborgoods: my zombie butler. Seriously, people, stop asking if he can come to your party.