Coffin Hunt #12 clue: Sailor Snookie

Today's coffin with artwork by The $tatus Faction.

The featured prize for today’s successful grave digger is a set of four Mixo Monsters Kooky Kans.

After reading about how cool these “kans” are at Halloween Addict, I reached out to the folks at Mixo to see if they would contribute a set as a prize for the Coffin Hunt. They happily obliged, but not only sent me a single set, but enough Kooky Cans to make sure every coffin finder received a can AND a few left over to leave as consolation prizes.

These eight inch tall metal cans are perfect for collectors, and also a great place to stash your favorite Halloween candy, the gazillion stickers you found on the Coffin Hunt, or even for cremated remains (seriously, who wants a plain ‘ol urn?).

The set includes a Frankenstein monster, mummy, Dracula, and skeleton.

The finder of this coffin will also receive:

For those who show up a little late for the coffin, a few stickers and other goodies should be left behind as a consolation prize.

As for today’s clue:

Today’s coffin is located about eighty feet from a monument that shares the same name as a creepy Adrian Lyne film.

Not sure what the Coffin Hunt is all about? Read our initial entry on the subject.