Bride of Creepy Bachelorette: Inker Bella

This angel of an Angeleno has a face only a funeral parlor makeup artist looking for overtime would love. But guess what happens to be my sidejob? Inker Bella is her name, and she also wants to be the Bride of Creepy.

Inker Bella cleans up well.

About her: My name is Inkerbella and I’m an Actress/Model in Los Angeles, Ca. I have been in a variety of websites ( calendars, magazines, books, comics etc. I even have my own signature line of perfume!
I have been working on lots of amazing horror/thriller type films and have been having a blast!! I have met some amazing people and am so excited to continue this path I’m on!

You can learn more about me here:

For the ultimate creepy date she’d go to: Bar Sinister.

In a horror film, she’d most likely be: The killer’s victim.

Her ideal funeral: Hummm….I would have to say my funeral would have to be done at the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Everyone could come in their gothic best. I just love that attraction. Then my spirit can join the rest of the 999 ghost and have a swing wake! 😉
Welcome ghost number 1,000 !!

Who is the sexiest horror icon ever? Elvira.

Tell us about your creepiest Los Angeles moment: Goodness sakes….my creepiest Los Angeles moment would have to be playing a zombie in the web series 8.13
There will be more bloody Zom813 ME to come!! 😉