A look at some of Laurel Canyon’s haunted homes and locations…

The Ghost Carriage of Laurel Canyon

Legend has it that several car accidents at this intersection have been blamed on drivers claiming to have swerved away from a phantom carriage and horses that have crossed their path.

Location: Laurel Canyon Blvd. & Lookout Mountain Ave.

Bessie Love’s haunted house

Ghosts of two murder victims from the 1830s reportedly frightened silent film star Love to move out. Appartions and strange voices are still heard to this day.

Location: 8227 Lookout Mountain Ave.

John Holmes “Wonderland murders” site

Four people were killed here, by “blunt force trauma,” in a still unsolved 1981 murder that porn star John Holmes was a key suspect in.

Location: 8763 Wonderland Ave.

Vincent Price died here

Legendary horror actor Vincent Price lived here shortly before his dying of lung cancer on October 25, 1993.

Location: 9255 Swallow Dr.

The “Houdini Mansion”

A ghost spotted often on the grounds here is often attributed to that of Harry Houdini, but the world famous magician and spiritualist never lived here… so who’s apparition could it be?

Location: 2400 Laurel Canyon Blvd.

Ramon Novarro’s ghost

The actor’s ghost is said to still protect the property where he was killed by two hustler’s seeking his still unfound hidden fortune.

Location: 3110 Laurel Canyon Blvd.